Wiped Film Evaporators

SUPER offers jacketed reactors in all glass construction; jacketed reactors with glass lined steel, and jacketed reactors in Stainless steel. In all the cases the overhead equipment such as condensers, reflux dividers, receivers and piping components are of borosilicate glass.

  • Borosilicate glass Spherical vessel (Cylindrical vessel could be offered on request)
  • Borosilicate Glass flush bottom outlet valve
  • Drive assembly with flame-proof motor
  • Agitator shaft sealing with bellow type PTFE single mechanical dry running seal
  • Borosilicate Glass thermometer pocket
  • Borosilicate Glass dip pipe / sparges
  • Electrical Heating mantle with temperature regulator
  • Coil type heat exchanger

The system is provided with the following instrumentation in a flame proof enclosure:

  • Reaction mass temperature indicator (digital)
  • Vapour temperature (Digital)
  • Pressure / vacuum indicator (Digital)

The reactor and the associated glass components are installed on Stainless Steel tubular supporting structure. This structure is highly versatile and flexible. Any later additions can be effected without difficulty.


REACTOR Operating pressure 0.5 kg/cm2 or full vacuum and temperature 200°C
20 liter spherical flask with one DN 80 nozzle at top center for drive assembly, DN80 nozzle on top at 45°, 2 Nos. DN40 nozzles
Heating Electrical Heating mantle 3 kw
Agitator drive 0.37 kw, 1440 rpm Flame-proof induction motor
Helical gear box with chuck
Frequency variator for speed control
Shaft sealing Dry running bellow type single mechanical seal
Agitator type Borosilicate Glass shaft with PTFE blades
Bottom outlet valve Borosilicate Glass - Flush type
Sparger DN 25 Borosilicate glass
Overhead condenser Borosilicate Glass coil type 0.35 m2
Supporting frame work Supporting frame work is of 25 NB Stainless steel pipes and connectors.
Mild steel powder coated trolley for movement
OPTIONAL Cylindrical Reactor
Cylindrical jacketed reactor
Available in 10 lit, 50 lit, 100 lit,200 lit capacity