Gas Absorber - Falling Film Type

Hyderogen chloride feed gas is being allowed to enter from the inlet provided on the upper end of ABSORBER. This gas falls down along with the water inside the vertical parallel glass tubes. This arrangement provides more effective absorption as cooling of dilute acid and absorption of hydrogen chloride gas are taking place simultaneously. It has got more solubility in water at lower temperature. In this way ABSORBER work as a number of water cooled wetted wall columns in parallel.

The basic principle involved is falling film absorption which have :

  • Ability to absorb large loadings of gas flow.

  • Capacity to produce strong acid with minimum vent losses. since absorption is effected at a low temperature.

ABSORBER consists of a vertical Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger incorporating economical design considerations. Compactness and light weight are the additional features.

Area of Application

  • Hydrogen Chloride Gas Absorption.

  • Hydrogen Chloride Gas / Sulphur Dioxide Gas Absorption

  • Hydrogen Chloride Gas/Chlorine Gas Absorption

  • Hydrogen Chloride Gas/ Sulphur Dioxide / Cl2 Absorption

  • Hydrogen Bromide Gas Absorption