Super Rota 10 & 20


The SUPER ROTA 10 & 20 rotary evaporator is simple to operate, with standard glass components readily available off the shelf, and useful in a variety of laboratory applications. It is also available with control panel and electrical drives suitable for operation in explosion proof zones as optional.

SUPER ROTA 10&20 available with simple control panel with clear vision and self-explanatory functions. LED displays for bath temperature, vapour temperature and RPM are standard features.

Manometer for vacuum measurement

SUPER ROTA 10&20 can be offered with different condenser configurations like downward condenser, double condensers, short condenser.

Motorised bath lift is standard supply.

Speed control from 5 to 90 RPM with AC drive.

Flask drive interlocked with bath lift

Flask support supplied for easy fixing and removal of rotating flask

Trolley mounted system permits easy movement from anywhere