Rotary Evaporators (Commercial Scale)
(Capacity – 10 / 20 / 50 / 100 / upto 200 lts)

  • The SUPER ROTA 50&100 rotary evaporator is simple to operate, with standard glass components and useful in a variety of laboratory applications. This could used at production facilities also. It is also available with control panel and electrical drives suitable for operation in explosion proof zones as optional.
  • Available with simple control panel with clear vision and self-explanatory functions. LED displays for bath temperature, vapour temperature and RPM are standard features.
  • Manometer for vacuum Measurement as part of supply.
  • It can be offered with different condenser configurations like downward condenser, double condensers, short condenser etc.
  • Motorized bath lift is standard supply.
  • Speed control from 5 to 60 RPM with AC drive.
  • Flask drive interlocked with bath lift
  • Flask support supplied for easy fixing and removal of rotating flask
  • Trolley mounted system permits easy movement from anywhere


Electrical connection required 420 – 440 V, 50 Hz, (3 Phase + neutral) (Arrangement of different supply can be made)
Total Power consumption 50 LIT - 8.0 KW
100 LIT - 13.0 KW
Rotation drive 0.75 KW, 1440 RPM, TEFC induction motor Non Flame Proof
Bath lift 0.37 KW, 1440 RPM, TEFC induction motor Non Flame Proof
Speed Control 10 – 60 RPM with frequency converter & LED display
Heater 50 LIT - 7 KW Non Flame Proof
100 LIT - 12 KW Non Flame Proof
Explosion protection control OPTIONAL
Bath heating control Electronic with PT-100 & LED display
Vapour temperature PT-100 with LED display
Bath temperature Up to 180°C with silicon oil
Standard Control Panel With push buttons & switches with require electrical safety protection, Non Flameproof
Bath Double walled Stainless steel (SS 304) with insulation
Glass Assembly 50 LIT - 50 Lit Evaporating flask, 1.5 m2 upward condenser, 0.06m2 product cooler, 20 l receiver (1Nos) with drain valve
100 LIT - 100 Lit Evaporating flask, 2.5 m2 upward condenser, 0.3m2 product cooler, 20 l receiver (2Nos) with drain valve
Housing and trolley M.S Powder Coated
Overall dimensions 50 LIT - Length: 1200 mm, Breadth: 1750 mm, Height: 3000 mm
100 LIT - Length: 1800 mm, Breadth: 1200 mm, Height: 3500 mm