CS PTFE Lined Pipes

Super Provides CS PTEF Lined Pipes from 25 NB TO 450 NB Size.

Super has own In-house Fabrication, Extrusion, Lining and Flaring department for manufacturing of CS PTFE Lined Pipes.

The Pipe Material used is 106 Grade B Sch 40 from 25 NB to 150 NB and above Sch 20 Pipes are used. The Flanges normally used are of ASTM A 105/IS 2062.

Resin used for Making PTFE Liners is procured from DuPont.

The pipe spools are lined with an interference fit paste extruded PTFE liner flared at each end to raised face dimensions giving all wetted parts in PTFE. Up to 6" NB the pipe spools use heavy duty PTFE liner suitable for vacuum performance. Above 6"NB we offer both heavy wall vacuum rated liners and standard wall liners as appropriate for the application.

ALL CS/PTFE Lined Pipes are tested as Per ASTM F 1545 Which Includes Visual, Dimensional, Hydro Test at 29.8 Kg/cm2 and Spark Test 15 KVA.