Lined Pipes

Super Supply PTFE Lined Pipes from size 25 NB to 450 NB. The Maximum Length of the PTFE Lined Pipes can be upto maximum 6000mm which depends on the size of Pipe.

PTFE Liners are made from the process of the Paste Extrusion Process and then they are sintered in Ovens. PTFE Lined Pipes are passed through Quality Checks Like Visual, Dimensional, Hydro, Electrostatic Test as mentioned in ASTM F 1545. PTFE Liners are Tested for their Tensile Strength in Tensile Testing Machine. PTFE Lined Pipes are Supplied with One End Loose Flange and One End Fix Flange. For Smaller Lengths we provide PTFE Lined Spacers which are specially used for Length Smaller than 100 mm.