Lined Ball Valves

PFA/FEP Lined Ball Valves

Lined Ball Valves have Body of Ductile Iron as per ASTM A 395Gr-60-40-18 with Ball Stem of ASTM A 351 Gr CF8.Seat Rings are of Pure PTFE.

Full bore ball valve is widely used throughout in harsh chemical and pharmaceutical plants, utilizing a full port design minimizes pressure losses and increases flow capacities

The Valves has many features that make it one of the best lined ball valves, cavity filled seats ensure minimum product hold up. T slots machined in to the cast body ensure the PFA/FEP Lining is secured making it suitable for operation in vacuum conditions. Stainless steel fasteners ensure long term protection from external corrosion. The floating ball offers low turning torques and low pressure positive sealing. The seats, ball, stem and stem packing all easily replaceable on site allowing easy maintenance and overhaul.

  • Size: 25 NB TO 80 NB.
  • Temperature: FEP –Max 180 Degree Celsius PFA Max: 200 Degree Celsius.
  • Flange Connection: ANSI B 16.5.
  • Face to Face: ANSI B 16.10
  • Spark Testing of PFA/FEP at 15 KVA.
  • Hydro Body Test at 15 kg/cm2.
  • Hydro Seat Test at 10 Kg/cm2.
  • Leak Test as per API 598.