Glass Reactors

The standard glass reactors manufactured by SUPER are available in two basic forms:

  • Spherical (Capacity - from 1 lts upto 500 lts)

  • Cylindrical (Capacity –from1 lts upto 800 lts)

The designs of these reactors can be further modified as per client’s requirements such as :

  • Addition of baffles

  • Addition of jacket in cylindrical reactors (Jacket MOC – Glass / SS / MS)

  • Addition of stirring system arrangement (Glass Stirrers / PTFE Stirrers)

  • Providing heating and cooling baths and mantles where temperature control is required

Super also has expertise to design, engineer and manufacture specialized types of reactors such as :

  • Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTR)

CSTR are the most basic type of continuous reactors having wide application in various types of chemical process industries. Continuous stirred-tank reactors (CSTRs) are open systems, where material is free to enter or exit the system that operates on a steady-state basis, where the conditions in the reactor don't change with time. Reactants are continuously introduced into the reactor, while products are continuously removed. CSTRs are very well mixed, so the contents have relatively uniform properties such as temperature, density, etc. throughout. Also, conditions in the reactor's exit stream are the same as those inside the tank.

  • Ultra Violet Reactors (UV Reactors)

These are special type of reactors where the chemical reactions take place in presence of ultra violet light rays. The capacity and design of reactors can be tailor made as per client requirements.

  • Triple Walled Reactors

These types of reactors are also known as double jacketed reactors. The outer jacket is vacuum sealed and hence temperature conditions and other parameters are maintained in reactor throughout the reaction process.

All the above reactors are available in - GMP/ Non-GMP and Flame Proof/ Non-Flameproof versions along with complete automation as well.