Company Profile

Super Scientific Works Pvt. Ltd. is the leading ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of borosilicate industrial glass equipments /process plants in India, meeting to stringent international standards. All our glass equipment complies with ISO 3585/3586/3587 for buttress ends DN 25 to DN 600 & find extensive use in the construction of complete glass process plants / pilot plants in the Chemical Process Industry. Our propitious track records for on time delivery, premium quality, strong adherence to BS and DIN standards coupled with excellent after sales services, has earned us remarkable market share in India. With our world class quality and backed by our strong & sound management, we have already entered into the international markets and have received excellent response from countries like Malaysia, Iran, New Zealand, Singapore, Jordan, Dubai and Israel etc.

We provide necessary basic engineering & detailed engineering services, required for the design, construction and operation of glass process plants and systems where glass is an ideal material of construction. As regards the quality and services offered 'Super' provide not only state of the art equipment but also the services of installation, operation and maintenance along with the expertise of our its technical team.

In the construction of glass process plants, PTFE as a material plays a crucial role. We thus engaged in the manufacturing of PTFE components like gaskets, 'O' rings, bellows, bushes PTFE tube sheets (for glass shell & tube heat exchanger), mechanical seals, PTFE Distributor etc. required for the construction of glass process plants.

We also engaged in manufacturing complete range of Glass Plant supporting structure parts like Bends, Brackets, Support, Cross, Base, Tee, Vessel Holders etc. along with metal parts like Couplings, Chuck & Seal Assembly etc. require for Glass Assemblies. This 'Single Window' facility available only with SUPER would enable to maintain a thorough and uniform quality control at all levels

We are the only one from India; to manufacture PTFE/ FEP lined pipelines & fittings along with regular glassware items. This has been very helpful in providing single point solutions to all your requirements. We also have excellent support from our strong technical and R&D team for providing package solutions.

Industries we cater are :

  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Refineries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fertilizers and Agrochemicals
  • R&D laboratories


It is said that not all dreamers are winners but yet all winners are the dreamers.

Our vision is to imminent the impossible and to always foresee what is unforeseen. To work with no boundaries and to commit to do whatever it takes to achieve excellence.


The higher up we go on the food chain, the admiration isn't just for the hungry but for the ones that can go an extra mile to take a bite. We work to not only attain all our goals but much beyond.

Our Mission at Super Scientific Works is to adapt change, to take the responsibility, make a commitment and fulfill it. It is to ensure our customers that when we smile at them it's because we mean it.