Keeping the customer as the main focal point since inception, the company has major strides in satisfying the diverse needs of the chemical process industry. From a small company to a company of global standards, the Super Scientific has traveled a long way. The journey has been possible because of it's focus on customer support and innovative R&D efforts.

We may mention below the few major break through achieved for first time in India.

  • India's first glass company to produce 150mm diameter Borosilicate Glass components followed by 225mm diameter glass components
  • Fabricated 300mm diameter glass components as import substitute.
  • Manufactured 100-liter glass spherical flask as import substitute.
  • Manufactured 400mm diameter glass components
  • Designed, developed and supplied 450mm diameter glass distillation Column with connecting accessories & Internals.
  • Manufactured 225mm diameter single pass shell & tube heat exchanger & also developed triple pass shell & tube heat exchanger
  • Manufactured glass components as import substitutes for ordnance factory
  • Manufactured 600mm diameter glass tower
  • Manufactured 800 mm diameter glass column
  • Manufactured 300 mm diameter glass agitated extraction column
  • Participated in 'ACHEMA -2000' at Frankfurt, Germany as the first borosilicate glass equipment manufacturer from India.
    Successfully implemented grass root project on turnkey basis (concept to commissioning) for Bromine recovery plant from inland sea bittern for the capacity of 300 TPA
  • Manufactured 450 mm diameter shell and tube Heat Exchanger
  • Manufactured 500-Liter Borosilicate Glass Separator with Teflon Lined Stirrer & X-Proof Motor & Exported to Israel
  • Manufactured SS-304 Structure Fittings Matching to Schott design for 1 1/4 Nominal bore SS-304 Pipe structure & Exported to Israel."